Frequently Asked Questions

When is the latest I can cancel a reservation?
Cancellations may be made up to 24 hours before day of play.

What is the maximum amount of players I can book for a reservation?
4 players per tee time with a maximum of two tee times per reservation.

If it is raining on my day of play what should I do?
Contact the course you are scheduled to play and check on conditions there. If the course is closed you will not be expected to play.  If the course is open, then you’ll need to find out what their policy is for that particular day.  Ask for the General Manager, they will be happy to help you.  Remember – always check with the course.  If you don’t show up and they’re open, you will be charged!

Which courses have driving ranges/putting or chipping areas?
The following courses provide driving ranges: La Tourette, South Shore.
The following courses provide putting and chipping:  Dyker, Pelham, and Split Rock. La Tourette, South Shore.

How long does the average round of golf take?
Depending on pace of play the average is between 4 and 5 hours.  Ask the pro shop starter for Ready-Golf tips and keep up the pace of play!

Can I make a same day reservations?
Yes by contacting the course directly.  You may make advanced reservations through the web or with the reservation center – whichever way is easiest for you.

What if my credit card was charged even though I cancelled?
Contact the course at which you were scheduled to play and they will help you.

If someone in my group doesn’t show up will I be charged?
If someone in your party does not show up on the day of play you will be charged for the missing player(s).  Always call ahead and let the course know of any changes in your reservation . 

Do the courses rent power carts?
All course rent power carts (weather permitting).

Can I add an extra person to my group on the day I play?
It is possible to add a person to your party if the following circumstances apply: you have reserved less then 4 players and the time slots are still available.  Just call the course and check with them. 

How much time in advance should I show up on my day of play?
Always arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time.  Check in with the pro shop staff and wait until your group is called.

What is your privacy policy concerning address, email, and phone numbers?  
Your privacy is strictly respected.  The information you give us is used only by American Golf and not shared with any outside parties.